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Fanchon Fröhlich was an artist, philosopher and scientist. Born Fanchon Angst in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, she studied philosophy of science with Professor Rudolph Carnap at Chicago University. In 1949, she came to Oxford, where she met her husband Professor Herbert Frohlich, a Theoretical Physicist who later won the Max Planck medal.


She began painting, studying at the Liverpool College of Art [post-graduate]. She then studied painting with Peter Lanyon in Cornwall,  Goto-san in Kyoto and etching with Stanley William Hayter in Paris. 

She wrote a book with Sylvie Le Seac’h on "S. W. Hayter’s Research On Experimental Drawing", which will be published by BADA.

Fanchon bequeathed her vast archive of artwork and writings to Terry Duffy at BADA. The archive contains countless oil paintings, etchings and mixed-media pieces, as well as unpublished books and plays. She was a prolific and continually experimental artist who was never adequately appreciated during her lifetime. 

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