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S.W Hayter's Research On Experimental Drawing

S.W Hayter's Research On Experimental Drawing

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S.W Hayter's Research On Experimental Drawing by Fanchon Fröhlich and Sylvie Le Seac'h

(note: this is the colour edition. A black & white edition is also available.)


Fanchon Fröhlich's posthumously published book provides in-depth research into S.W Hayter's experimental drawing techniques. Together with her friend and collaborator, Syvlie Le Seac'h, Fanchon examines the groundbreaking techniques of her friend and mentor Stanley William Hayter - one of the most significant printmaker's of the 20th century.

"This book is published by the British Art and Design Association in collaboration with Richard Bright, editor of InterAlia Magazine, with further helpful contributions from Sylvie Le Seac’h. It is as relevant and compelling today as it ever was. It is the legacy of William Hayter, an insight into the mind of a radical, internationally respected artist and intellectual. It is also the work of Fanchon who worked tirelessly, with Sylvie’s assistance, to bring Hayter’s theories and ideas together for our consideration and enjoyment."

- Terry Duffy

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