The Making of Mulika #1 by Leo Nelki

The Making of Mulika #1 by Leo Nelki

Print #1 from the photography series 'The Making of Mulika' by Leo Nelki.


The series features photographs from the behind-the-scenes of the film 'Mulika,' written and directed by Maisha Maene. It is an afrofuturist short film set in the city of Goma, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The film follows the 'traditional astronaut' Mulika, who has been voyaging so long in space he has forgotten his identity. He returns to his home city of Goma to try and remember his identity and the purpose of his mission. 


Text reads: "Sefu Weber, star of the film 'Mulika,' walks through a scrapyard. In the background is an abandoned Russian plane from the Second Congo War which is used as a set in the film."


The film was supported by Terry Duffy and BADA Projects. 


Print Size: A1

Paper type: Photo Art Silk 290gsm

Unmounted, unframed